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This November 19 wear two different shoes on International Men's Day to show you support Men Stepping Up

Wear two different shoes
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International Men's Day

International Men’s Day is a very little known day on the international calendar. It is a day that seeks to throw light at the contribution of men, the good things we do, and the  positive value we bring to the world, our families and communities. It is also a day where we look at the issues that are facing men, both within ourselves and within society and begin to have conversations about where we need to improve. On this day the intention is to stimulate and create discussions, campaigns, public seminars, etc that seek to raise awareness of men's and societies well-being.

This year on International Men's Day NZ we are supporting men to Step Up:

  • Step Up in support of women and equity

  • Step Up in support of other men

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We Need Everyone

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This year, we’re putting a uniquely kiwi twist on International Men’s Day.

Get the conversation started by wearing two different shoes on November 19th to show your support for Men Stepping Up.


Wearing two different shoes shows our willingness to try something different, even though it may be a little uncomfortable. Encouraging men to have open and honest conversations about their wellbeing, or to tackle ways they can use their voice to support women and equity can sometimes be a little uncomfortable too – but that’s what we hope kiwis will step up and do this International Men’s Day.

Starting Conversations

There are lots of different events that you can organise at work and at home to recognise International Men's Day. Click here to get some suggestions.

Making Posters

Join us in supporting a worthy cause.

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